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iMisplacedit is an iOS tracker application that I developed for my capstone class. The app's main purpose is to allow a user to enter a word or phrase that will become a trigger. Upon hearing that word or phrase the application will sound an alarm on the device. Clap detection was also implemented to allow a user's clap to become a trigger. This trigger detection is running in the device's background at all times when the application is turned on. Sound recognition is achieved through a device-specific processing library, so a device does not need to be connected to the Internet to process a sound.




Objective-C was used as the primary programming language with Xcode 4's storyboarding used for GUI development. A Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework was used to efficiently develop and maintain the application. The OpenEars sound library was also used as the primary sound recognition library.


Learned the inner workings of Objective-C. Also learned certain Mac Development tools such as Xcode 4.

Technical Aspects

Languages: Objective-C

Date: 2012 (10-week project)