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Assembler + Linker + Loader


The creation of an Assembler, Linker, and Loader is required as part of the Computer Science and Engineering 560 course curriculum at The Ohio State University. The Assembler effectively reads assembly language code (in this case the imaginary FFA language) and returns machine code. The Linker/Loader then takes this machine code and links together other files that are a part of the program. Finally the Simulator simulates the execution of the machine code.


Various: (Project Leader, Tester, Scribe, Programmer/Developer)


Java was used for all implementation parts of the project. The assembler functioned as a two-pass parser, where two passes were used to ensure validation. The linker/loader also worked as a two-pass parser. At all times, special adherence to documentation, testing, and coding standards was given.


During this project I learned about the importance of documentation and testing -- as the project was on a 10-week deadline.

Technical Aspects

Languages: Java, FFA

Date: 2011 (10 week project)