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Raising War


A personal project, Raising War was designed as a way to help me become more familiar with PHP. The project simulates a turn-based strategy game, which allows users to sign up and control an empire. The goal of the game is to become the top empire by economic and/or militaristic victory.


Project Lead/Developer


A custom-created PHP content management system was used for the various game engine processes. The system was required to manage player rankings, messaging, combat, achievements, registration, and authentication. The system must also communicate with PayPal for an internal e-commerce system. A MySQL database server was necessary to store player data.


This project solidified my knowledge of PHP and aided me in future database modeling.

Technical Aspects

Languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Date: 2009-2014 (on-going)

Link: http://www.raisingwar.com